Thanks for reading. I've received a couple words of concern about this site; not complaints, mind you, but concern that it may not be the most professional way of exposing myself to the world. Let me first thank those who have brought this to my attention—it is good to have others looking out for my career and well-being, especially when it's not always readily apparent that I'm looking out for them.

Secondly, let me mention that this is most certainly not a professional site. If you're here to keep tabs on me, to determine if I'm a good candidate for a position I've applied for with you, or to research my background in general before offering me a job, please allow me to direct you to my professional web page, ChristianJones.MD. That's the image you can expect me to project as a part of your organization or a representative of you personally; this site is more what you might expect if you were listening in on me and my friends conversing at a bar.

Specifically, then, note that this is primarily a site for those who have occasionally found me funny or interesting, or those who haven't, but have found themselves unable to look away. You may be offended by jokes I make here, you may disagree with opinions I post, or you may find me personally distasteful because of my writing style or acts of stream-of-consciousness disclosure. Again, take it all with a grain of salt—I consider myself a funny guy, and, in the words of a great comedian, “When you give me that look, it's a joke.” If that's a problem for you, please continue to follow my more professional side at ChristianJones.MD; otherwise, feel free to keep reading and, hopefully, keep laughing.