Fake Steve Jobs Blowing My Mind…

I've been a fan of Fake Steve Jobs (partly because I'm a fan of Real Steve Jobs) for some time, but I never expected to see a post like his recent one suggesting more drug use. Gist is that kids today are corporate automatons essentially because they learned to “just say no” to drugs (oh, and sex, too).

In fact, the only problem I have with his entire argument is that I don't know a lot of just-say-no-ers. One may argue it's due to a large portion of my extended education being in southern California (or the portion that wasn't in California being in graduate mathematics), but I've met few enough people that chose to say no to the occasional joint or the occasional relationship-free romp. Sure, harder stuff (in both those senses) was rarely partaken, but “drug-free” was never one of the more appropriate descriptions of my chosen crew.

And yes, that applies to those I hung out with in medical school, as well; and no, not just the anesthesiologists. My drugs of choice may be legal (and advertised, and encouraged socially), but plenty of my colleagues (and friends) made different choices, and I'm not entirely certain that mine was the “better” one overall. I may have been in a committed relationship the entire time, but that again didn't keep several of my colleagues (and friends) from enjoying each others' company without worry of awkwardness when back in the hospital. No, we're not talking Grey's Anatomy here, but it's not a 50's hospital drama, either.

What's my point? Well, mainly just to link to the always fascinating FSJ. Beyond that, maybe I just felt like ranting a bit about the cloistered life too many live nowadays. Oh, I'm still looking forward to the move to Kansas City and the possibility of being cloistered there—but it's a self-cloistering, a cloistering by choice, rather than being convinced by someone else that I need to avoid “the evils” of the world. Mostly, it's just the thrill of getting away from the craphole that is Los Angeles.