Speakeasy & Best Buy

So, in a way, this makes the move easier. Best Buy has purchased Speakeasy. Far and away, my favorite ISP, which has unerringly offered excellent customer service and the right to run my own servers and such, has taken a nice “hands-off” approach to copyright, and seems to have always been a friend of the techie, is now a subsidiary of The Man, the bastion of consumerism which I can't imagine being so kind.

I was trying to decide whether or not to stick with Speakeasy; DSL is now significantly slower than cable or fiber, and the service is still quite a bit more expensive than that from the local phone company. Still, though, it was worth it (especially since I don't have cable and fiber isn't available in my neighborhood). With the move, though, I was rethinking this; with Speakeasy (as I know and love it, at least) being out of the picture, this should simplify the situation a bit.