These are just a few of the many links I consider the most critical, most entertaining, or just “most linkable” on the web. Feel free to criticize or suggest more. I don't generally include personal sites or the like here, but I'll be happy to give a shout-out in a dedicated post if I like the site. Personally, I visit only Gmail and Google Reader on a regular basis; most of the other sites are either for reference or are loaded as RSS feeds into Reader.
Development & Programming
The World Wide Web Consortium, official repository of all web standard specifications
A business geek comic strip
Google Reader
Google's experimental RSS aggregator
The social, taggable, music-customizing site for all your listening needs.
Penny Arcade
A gaming geek comic strip
User Friendly
A computer geek comic strip
The quintessential webmail service
Mozilla Firefox
The cross-platform browser I use and recommend
Operating Systems
Striving to be the most secure, most functional, and most free operating system anywhere
The only commercial operating system on this list, and arguably the most polished
43 Folders
The epitome of productivity sites, updated often with tips & tricks to improve productivity in every aspect of your life.
Google Calendar
Google's iCal-compatible online calendar
Updated often with tons of ways to improve your productivity, online and off.

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