“Stars”, or why Javert hates Visual Studio

Here, coding on Windows
An IDE lacking
Regexes and scripting
And syntaxes (but C)
God be my witness
I never compile
Without an error or three
without an error or three

It draws a beautiful box
But munges what underlies it
And since it can't git fetch or pull
I'm stuck restoring from disk
What I would give
In this editor hell
To type
:q to quit

In your simplicity
Nothing but typing
And bracket highlighting
Which is why I
Define all my classes
Perfect and lean
Writing code within vi
Writing code within vi

You know you're a bit hard to use
But tips on the Net are not slim
I.e., O inserts
Returns and returns
(And I don't mean Control-M's)
But when you fail to run in my shell
My patience grows thin

And so it must be, so it is written
With nothing but w (in command mode)
That those who need a graphical crutch
Will bloat all their code!

[8-bit musical interlude]

Lord, let me use vim,
Even on Cygwin
Or even EMACS!
I never shall rest
'til then
This I swear
This I swear by my vi!